Pipsqueak is CRUSHING IT!

When I started this project, I had no idea where it would go. I also didn't know what success would look like -- my internal mandate was only to do everything I could think of to get the word out about Pipsqueak and sell as many books as possible to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Today, I looked up some metrics to see how our progress is stacking up.  The information out there is a little haphazard, but it is all interesting.  The statistics I was able to find are out of date in an environment that is changing quickly.  Luckily, we know which way most of the numbers are trending, so we can say with some degree of certainty that today’s numbers are – for authors – worse than the numbers below.


On a macro level:

  • The number of books published each year is increasing exponentially. In the United States in 2002, there were 215,777 new titles published.  In 2010, given the explosion in the self-publish space, more than 3 million books were published in the U.S.  Self-publish options have only gotten better and more prevalent since 2010.
  • Sales of books are declining, and the increase in e-book sales is not sufficient to make up the shortfall. 2011 saw a 17.1% decline in print sales and an overall decline in combined print and e-book sales of 5.8%.

On a micro level:

  • The average book published through a traditional publisher sells 3,000 books in its lifetime and 250-300 copies in the first year. (Stat from Publishers Weekly in 2006).

Ok, finally a metric I could understand.  That’s 12 years ago, so in all likelihood those numbers are now smaller.  And Y’ALL.  Pipsqueak the Puppy has sold 500+ copies in under 2 months!!!

I am thrilled by the number of copies of Pipsqueak out there on bookshelves, by the stories I get from friends telling me that their kiddos are loving the book, and most importantly by the second orders -- from people who bought one book because they know me, and then bought more copies because they actually liked it. That is amazing.

Thank you all -- a hundred times -- for all the love you have shown for Pipsqueak.  Hopefully our stats will continue to blow others out of the water!